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Blackbox Workshop
A Blackbox Photography Workshop with Michael Yamashita @Shangri-La
  • Learn from the Master...

    Join World-renowned Photographer Michael Yamashita in Shangri-La to Learn from the Master Who Has Been Shooting for National Geographic for Three Decades.

  • Capture the Beauty of Natural Wonders...

    Photograph the Meilixueshan, the Holiest of All Mountains for Tibetans, at the Best Season of the Year along with Many Other Natural Wonders of the Three Parallel Rivers Area.

  • Experience The Most Authentic Tibetan Culture...

    Visit Shangri-La at the Annual Gedong Festival--the Colorful Mask Dances that is Every Photographer’s Dream.

  • Stay at the Best Hotels in China...

    Enjoy the Warmth, Comfort, and Hospitality of Songtsam Lodges--An Award-winning Hotel that Feels Like Home.

  • Visit One of the Richest Biodiversity on Earth...

    Baimaxueshan, Known for Its Extremely Rich Biodiversity, Is One of the Best Protected World Heritage Sites in China With Unique Flora and Fauna.

In Search of Shangri-La with Michael Yamashita

Learn from one of the world’s best photographers in an unforgettable journey. The photography workshop with Michael Yamashita will take you to enchanting Shangri-La, tucked away deep in the rugged southwestern corner of China. Experience breathtaking beauty and sojourn in one of the world’s best boutique hotels, while shooting side by side with the maestro himself in the photographer’s paradise. Join this fall the most exclusive photo workshop and embark on expedition of a lifetime.

“And there it was, hiding in plain sight–my vision of paradise, Shangri-La.”

–Michael S. Yamashita,
National Goegraphic Photographer
for more than 30 years



October 8-October 14, 2012

(7 days/6 nights)




Shangri-La (Zhongdian),
Deqen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,
Yunnan Province,


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